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Biblical Counselling
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Many resources are available to everyone and are shown with an  icon.
Other resources are available only to clients and these are shown with a  icon.

For Everyone:

  •  Confessional Statement of Bible Counseling. This article gives a suscint definition of Biblical counseling by the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC).
  •  What is Biblical counseling? This article gives an overview of the important aspects of Biblical Counselling that you need to know in order to make an infomed decision about your Biblical counseling.
  •  Comparison of counseling types There are three general categories of counseling; Traditional psychological counseling, Integrated counseling and Biblical counseling
  •  Dr David Powlison The renown Biblical counselor, Dr. David Powlison explains How Biblical counseling theory differs from psychotherapy. (video)
  •  Thirteen Attributes of God Josh McDowell presents thirteen attributes of God that are important for a full understanding of who God is to us.
  •  Anxiety Scriptures Here are over 100 Scriptures that talk about Anxiety; a must read for the anxious person. God knows your anxious heart and has answers for you.
  •  Serenity Prayer This well known prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971) is used in many Recovery Programs, but is also a wonderful reminder of God's plan for our daily lives.

For YBC Counselees:

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