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News from Your Biblical Counselor

I am now listed on Crosscare, a Christian counsellor-counselee matching website

July 2024. I am really excited to share that I am now listed on Crosscare as a Biblical counsellor specializing in men's life-issues such as Abandonment, Anger, Anxiety, Conflict, Fear, Identity in Christ, Christian Manhood and Stress. Please visit this wonderful site that brings together Christian counsellors and prospective counselees by matching their needs and counsellor expertise.

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Upcoming Biblical Counselling Day

June 2024. Coming up next month! If you are interested in becoming a Biblical counsellor or wanting to hone your BC skills, there is a 1/2 day gathering and workshops in Elora, just north of Waterloo. Here is the advertisement. Please contact Brittany Greydanus directly. The event is on July 13th at Grand River Community Church in Elora.

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Launch of new YBC Blog

June 2024. I find it much easier to update a standard format BLOG rather than changing the coding of this website. So I have created a YBC Blog at: Your Biblical Counselor Blog Whenever something happens in the counselling forum or some new information or events come to hand, I will immediatley put it up on the blog.

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New Website Up and Running

May 2024. Now that my website is up and running (after a few glitches), I am excited that this information on it can now be shared to all who are interested. Besides the couselling itself, I enjoy coding the website. It is a simple website but I believe in providing good information above pretty pictures.

Links to Other Website and Social Media Pages

May 2024. I have been linking to several other Biblial counselling websites and Social Media Pages. This has allowed me to get my information out to a wider audience. I am amazed at just how many Biblical counsellors are using Social Media along with their own websites - these avenues are having a great impact on making known Biblical counselling to those who can benefit from it.

Views & Articles from YBC about Biblical Counselling

Article on Desires, Emotions and Behaviours

May 2024. It is well known in Biblical counselling circles that behaviour modification is not the primary target or goal of such counselling. Behaviours are the outward or horizontal manifestations of a person's life. This only changes when there is a vertical (God vision) change of the inner heart.

This inner heart of a person is made up of their desires, emotions and will. It is the will that transforms emotions into behaviours.

Emotions are always driven by desires, met or unmet. There is often fear or lust associated with unmet desires. Either the fear of getting something we don't want, or the lust of wanting something we don't have.

This concept can be shown by looking at any behaviour, then looking at the emotion that is driving the behaviour and then looking at the unmet desire or expectation.

Here is a list of a few examples. These do not necessarily go directly horizontal across from each other.

Any of the Desires can trigger any of the Emotions, that show up as any of the Behaviours.

  • Esteem
  • Escape
  • Yelling
  • Love
  • Anger
  • Violence
  • Approval
  • Self-pity
  • Blaming
  • Respect
  • Frusration
  • Escaping
  • Comfort
  • Bitterness
  • Gossiping
  • Ease
  • Sadness
  • Judging
  • Control
  • Hopeless
  • Avoiding

Can you cross reference any of these?

Biblical counselling looks at the root of the desire to understand the emotion. The behaviour always comes from any met or unmet desire.